Celebrating 50 years on the market

In 2015, OCTIM celebrated a special anniversary – 50 years on the market. This is something to be particularly proud of, as not many Polish companies have such a long history on the food market.

OCTIM, as it is known today, was established in 1994 by the employees of the Vinegar and Mustard Manufacturing Plant (WOiM) in Olsztynek that had operated since 1965. However, the Plant dates back to 1955 when Olsztyńskie Zakłady Spożywcze Przemysłu Terenowego (OZSPT) was founded.

It took the company half a century of continuous growth to develop its product portfolio and ensure the superior quality of its vinegar, mustard and ketchup lines. OCTIM staff can say with complete confidence that they have a long experience in the food industry, and that their job has become their passion.

The 50th anniversary of our operation was celebrated with the launch of the “Polish People’s Republic Mustard” a limited edition of our brown mustard, whose taste, label and packaging bring to mind memories of those times.

The anniversary was an opportunity for our employees to meet and celebrate. As you might expect, no such event would be complete without a cake, and ours was appreciated by all our guests.