About us


Wytwórnia Octu i Musztardy (The Vinegar and Mustard Manufacturing Plant) was established on 22 July 1965 in Olsztynek, Poland. In 1994, a company founded by a group of the plant’s employees bought shares in the plant from the state treasury and commenced its operations as OCTIM Vinegar and Mustard Manufacturing Plant in Olsztynek, and has continued to use this name ever since.

As one of the leading employers in the region, OCTIM now provides more than 100 jobs. Since its privatisation, the Company has increased its manufacturing capacity fifteen fold. As part of its constant development efforts, the Company launched new manufacturing lines, which expanded the Company portfolio to over 40 products, including traditional distilled vinegar and apple vinegar, cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar and malt vinegar, as well as a wide variety of flavours of mustard and ketchup.

For years, OCTIM has also been a certified supplier for major global producers. By cooperating with leading brands, OCTIM are present in leading chain stores in Poland.



When working on our products, we spare no effort to ensure they are of superior quality, and of a standard that will make us proud. And we are delighted when receive awards, as they confirm that we have got our business policies right.

So far, the mark of recognition we have been most happy to receive is the Superior Taste Award of the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI), granted on the basis of blind tests carried out by chefs and sommeliers. In 2015, the Award was won by our brown mustard – with two stars – and apple vinegar – with one star.
OCTIM has twice been honoured by Forbes’ Diamonds – we received their prestigious award in both 2012 and 2015.

Awards won by OCTIM products:


2018 – Diamenty Forbesa – the Octim company was again included in the Forbes’ ranking. Octim took 27th place in the voivodeship classification of small companies and 728th in the national ranking.

2018 – ‘Najlepszym z Najlepszych’ Laurel – Octim was won the prize in the category ‘Smart specialisations’. The prizes were awarded by the Marshall Office, and the formal gala took place in the Warmińsko-Mazurska Philharmonic in Olsztyn.

  2018 – Nasze Kulinarne Dziedzictwo – Smaki Regionów (Our Culinary Heritage – Tastes of the Regions) – the distinction was awarded to Octim pickled peppers in apple-cider vinegar, while our sarepska mustard was nominated for the ‘PERŁA 2018’ award.

2018 – Golden Medal of the World Food Warsaw fair – Octim organic cider vinegar was awarded in the category: sauces, mayonnaises, ketchups, mustards.

2018 – ‘Złote Paragony – Nagroda Kupców Polskich’ (Polish Traders’ Award) – the Octim company was distinguished in the ‘vinegars’ category for our apple-cider vinegar.

2017 – AgroLiga 2016 – Octim placed second in the “Companies” category. Kazimierz Frąckiewicz, President of the Management Board, received the prize from the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda.

2017 – “Nasze Kulinarne Dziedzictwo – Smaki Regionów” (Our Culinary Legacy – Regional Flavours) – Octim sarepta mustard won 1st place, our ecological cider vinegar received an honourable mention, and our apple cider vinegar was nominated for the national Perła 2017 (Pearl 2017) award.

2017 – Diamenty Forbesa (Forbes Diamonds) – awarded by the editors of Forbes magazine to the most dynamically developing companies.

2017 – Przebój FMCG 2017 (FMCG Hit 2017) – the title of “Hit Product” went to Octim’s fried onion mustard.

2017 – Gold Medal at the World Food Warsaw Fair – Octim blackcurrant balsamic glaze won first place in the “Innovation” category.

2017 – Gazele Biznesu 2016 (Gazelles of Business 2016) – awarded to the most rapidly developing small and medium enterprises by the board of the Puls Biznesu website.

2017 – Gepardy Biznesu (Cheetahs of Business) – Octim made the Gepardy Biznesu list of entrepreneurs whose market value grew by more than 10% in comparison to previous years.


2016 – “Nasze Kulinarne Dziedzictwo – Smaki Regionów” (Our Culinary Legacy – Regional Flavours) – Octim apple cider vinegar won 1st place in the “Natural plant-based product” category.

2016 – Diamenty Forbesa (Forbes Diamond) – a prestigious prize conferred on companies which achieved an average annual growth of at least 15% in 2012-2014.

2016 – Złoty Paragon (Golden Receipt) – Octim apple cider vinegar received an honourable mention in the “Złoty Paragon – Nagroda Kupców Polskich” (Golden Receipt – The Polish Merchants’ Award) competition.

2016 – Certyfikat Złotego Płatnika (Golden Payer Certificate) – awarded to companies which have achieved the highest Payment Morality Index.

2016 – Przebój FMCG 2016 (FMCG Hit 2016) – the title of “Hit Product” went to Octim cranberry mustard.

2016 – Poznaj Dobrą Żywność (Try Fine Food) – mark awarded to Octim apple cider vinegar. The “Try Fine Food” mark of quality helps consumers choose high-quality products, and is awarded at the end of a strict verification procedure.

2016 – accolade of Carrefour Polska – for combating the wasting of food in the small and medium enterprises category.



2015 – Superior Taste Award – conferred by the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI). This unique international prize is awarded on the basis of blind tests carried out by leading chefs and sommeliers with well-established positions as connoisseurs. The award was won by our brown mustard – with two stars – and apple vinegar – with one star.

2015 – Certyfikat Doceń Polskie (the Appreciate Polish Products Certificate) – OCTIM’s apple vinegar was awarded the certificate for its flavour, appearance and price to quality ratio. The certificate was awarded by a jury composed of five experts, including Mirek Drewniak, member of the Chefs’ Club Foundation (FKSK). Honorary patronage over the contest was assumed by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

2015 – Mazur Primus Inter Maximus – honourable mention in the “Foodstuff” category for our Mazurski Ogródek (Masurian Garden) product line.

2015 – Przebój FMCG 2015 (FMCG Hit 2015) – our apple vinegar ranked 1st with the highest number of votes amongst retailers in the “Fruit and vegetable products” category. This was the 8th edition of this prestigious competition, organised by “Życie Handlowe” (Commercial Life) magazine. All products were assessed by a jury composed of FMCG professionals, both retailers and distributors.


2014 – Gazele Biznesu (Business Gazelles)

2012 – e-Diamenty (e-Diamonds) Forbes & Onet – ranked in 1st place
2012 – Honourable mention in the Forbes Diamonds rankings

2011 – Gazele Biznesu (Business Gazelles)

2010 – Supporting culture in Warmia and Masuria
2010 – Gazele Biznesu (Business Gazelles)

2008 – Best Product and Service across Warmia and Masuria – mustard

2007 – Honourable mentions in the “Wehikuły Czasu” (Time Machines) rankings for the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province

1999 – Top Warmii i Mazur (The Best of Warmia and Masuria) – mustard
1999 – Atut ‘99 Best Product and Service across Warmia and Masuria – spicy mustard line


What makes OCTIM stand out amongst other mustard and vinegar manufacturers is our passion and commitment, which have been the hallmarks of our operations since we were established. OCTIM employs professionals who have honed their skills and qualifications for years. In their work, they follow a system of values which has been developed by the company to ensure professional customer service and satisfaction, along with excellent product quality.

We find inspiration to create new flavours in the traditional recipes used across Warmia and Masuria. Our compositions are made up from organic, local produce, whose quality has been confirmed both through certification and by its appeal to the discerning palate of our loyal customers. In our manufacturing process we use only the finest crops; ones that comply with our strict quality requirements. Select mustard seeds are the base of any unique OCTIM mustard, and our apple vinegar owes its unique properties to being produced using only Polish apples.