Masurian Garden

The composition of tasty and healthy vegetables is a perfect addition to traditional dinner or an ideal snack for meetings with friends. Products coming from Masurian Garden Octim will enrich every meal, especially, when there is no time for preparing fresh raw salad.

Pickles with apple cider vinegar

Thanks to marinating in apple cider vinegar our pickles are aromatic and have a delicate and pleasant scent. The composition of seasonings mixed with apple cider vinegar gives them a distinct flavour. Interesting addition to dinners and salads, which will appeal to traditional and healthy cuisine enthusiasts.

Beetroots with apple cider vinegar

740 g
Beetroots with apple cider vinegar are the new product of Octim company. Beetroots in the form of shreds are characterised by their delicate, sweet-and-sour flavour that they owe to a pickle based on apple cider vinegar and aromatic spices. They are an ideal addition to every dinner.

Pickled peppers in apple-cider vinegar

Octim pickled peppers in apple-cider vinegar are a delicious and convenient idea for a quick snack, an appetizer with friends, or an addition to everyday dinners. Thanks to being preservative-free and marinated in apple-cider vinegar, using only Polish apples, they possesses a delicate and pleasant aroma. The composition of spices provides them with a strong taste, which appeals to connoisseurs of traditional and healthy cuisine.