OCTIM wins Forbes Diamond 2016!

OCTIM was awarded the prestigious Forbes Diamond 2016 prize, conferred on companies which achieved an average annual growth of at least 15% in 2012–2014.

The awards were presented during a special ceremony in YachtClub Tiffi in Olsztynek on 22 March 2016. This important mark of recognition was received by 41 companies operating in Warmia and Masuria that were leaders in market growth between 2012 and 2014. The organiser of the rankings emphasised that our success in the difficult region that is the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province was a commendable achievement.

OCTIM ranked 20th on the regional list, whilst in the national rankings our company was 886th. These strong positions confirm the rapid growth of OCTIM.

The Forbes Diamonds presentation ceremony was hosted by Roman Młodkowski, Managing Director of Business and Finance at the Onet Group, Ringier Axel Springer Polska.